kitchen hoods & paint booths

Our professional, certified technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology in kitchen hood fire protection systems and able to service all types of fire equipment.

We provide Written Certification of UL 300 Compliance on your Aidant upgraded and serviced commercial kitchen fire protection system.  In ALL jurisdictions, systems MUST meet the UL 300 standard.  Local authorities having jurisdiction - and most insurance companies - require current compliance with UL 300, the stringent new standard for restaurant fire extinguishing systems required by NFPA Code 17, 17A & 96.

Upgrading is a cost-effective, sensible alternative to replacement in bringing your system into compliance.

If you have any brand of commercial cooking fire suppression, your system is a candidate for a UL 300 upgrade. In most cases, many of the components of your existing system can be used. Trust Aidant to provide the best solutions to the toughest fire protection challenges. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen fire protection system to meet the new UL 300 standards, contact us today.

Kitchen Hood Semi-Annual Maintenance
Paint Booth Semi-Annual Maintenance