fire sprinklers

Our professional, NICET certified experts are fully equipped with the latest technology in fire sprinkler testing equipment and able to service all types of fire equipment.

Annual Fire Sprinkler/ Fire Pump Maintenance (Wet Pipe)

This is a flow test checking performance and operation of the fire pump and consists of running water through the entire system to determine if there are obstruction and leaks. Valves are checked for proper sealing.

Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Systems Service (Wet Pipe)

This service includes a complete functional testing and inspection of valve operations, gauges, water pressure, water flow, gong operations, obstructions in piping, leaks,corrosion, and mechanical damage to the system. Since this is the only plumbing system where water sits dormant and does not flow, in-line corrosion of piping and fittings may plug the sprinkler orifices in a fire situation or build system pressure causing unwanted water discharge and mechanical damage.

Semi-Annual Preaction Fire Sprinkler Service (Dry Pipe)

This service includes an operational trip test of the dry alarm valve; testing of detectors, control panel, battery system, manual release station, and audio visual alarms; and inspection of sprinkler heads, piping, and hangars. A complete detailed report on system service testing is provided.