fire protection technician

Every year, fires take thousands of lives and destroy property worth billions of dollars.

Fire Protection Technicians are the front line of help for businesses and the general public. This is a rewarding career working within the community and is suitable to anyone interested in helping people and saving lives.

The job of a Fire Protection Technician involves preserving life and property by installing, maintaining, and repairing fire protection systems that combat, extinguish and prevent fires. Take satisfaction from providing an important public service.

Industry Experience Preferred but NOT Required!
Aidant will Provide Training in Fire Protection Equipment & Systems.

responsibilities include:

  • Install, maintain, or repair fire systems, alarm devices, and related equipment.
  • Keep informed of new products, fire codes and developments.Prepare documents such as work orders.
  • Adjust sensitivity of detectors based on room structures and manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Test and repair circuits and sensors, following wiring and system specifications.
  • Test backup batteries, keypad programming, alarms, and all features in order to ensure proper functioning, and to diagnose malfunctions.

skills & requirements

  • Must be mechanically and electronically skilled.
  • Experience in programming, electronics/technical education or NICET credentials a plus but not required.
  • Excellent Communication and Customer Service Skills.
  • Must be a Non-Smoker with a Clean-Cut Appearance and a Positive Attitude.
  • Possess a valid driver"s license and Good Driving Record.
  • Ability to work in unusual and sometimes difficult positions such as working within ducts, crawl spaces, climbing a ladder, high lift equipment, etc.