about Aidant

Aidant Fire and Security is dedicated to providing quality fire protection products, systems, technical and management services to our customers. 

Our commitment to quality

is driven by our knowledge of historical events regarding severe losses of life and property resulting from poor workmanship, faulty products, and/ or incorrect application of fire equipment and systems.


At Aidant we pride ourselves

on our industry involvement. We maintain memberships and build strong partnerships that affirm our credentials, and support our company's mission throughout the industries we serve.


our history

In the beginning

The founder of Aidant Fire & Security , Ray Mulch, Sr., began his career in fire protection in 1950 as a service technician for Fredriksen & Sons Co. in Chicago, Illinois.  During the 24 years of employment with Fredriksen, Ray served as Technician, Service Manager, General Manager, Salesman, and in the last eight years, Executive Vice President. Ray dreamt of owning his own business and longed for more sunshine. To accomplish this, he moved his family of five to Arizona in 1974.