our history

The Beginning

The founder of Aidant Fire & Security, Ray Mulch, Sr., began his career in fire protection in 1950 as a service technician for Fredriksen & Sons Co. in Chicago, Illinois.

During the 24 years of employment with Fredriksen, Ray served as Technician, Service Manager, General Manager, Salesman, and in the last eight years, Executive Vice President. Ray dreamt of owning his own business and longed for more sunshine. To accomplish this, he moved his family of five to Arizona in 1974.

The Dream Becomes A Business

history9.pngIn 1974, Ray Mulch Sr. purchased a small fire extinguisher service business, Arizona Fire Equipment, from a safety equipment distributor who no longer wanted to be involved with fire protection. Ray leased 800 sq. ft. in an industrial building.

Utilizing his past experience and training, Ray was able to offer service and sales of total fire protection including fire alarm and special hazard protection systems. During the day, Ray's daughter managed the office while Ray went out into the field to obtain business and at night, they tested and recharged extinguishers so clients could have them the next day. Ray's vision was to bring a high level of quality workmanship and professionalism while providing the latest technology in fire equipment to each customer. As business developed and the company expanded, Ray set up rigorous in-house training classes. Each type of equipment or system had to strictly adhere to rigorous fire codes, and to Ray’s high standards and expectations that command quality. In 1987, a branch was opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


history14.pngThrough the decades, the company built its reputation as professional and service-oriented and in 1988; the name was changed to Aidant Fire Protection reflecting its unique goals. In 1997, Aidant moved to its own building of 20,000 square feet designed specifically for the fire protection business.

In 1997, Aidant expanded further to include security, surveillance, and access control products and services. It has been Ray Mulch Sr.'s integrity and dedication to quality that has made Aidant Fire and Security the oldest privately owned fire protection company in Arizona.